About Us

About Us

Slim Goodie is athleisure meets slow fashion.  It’s signature hoodies, leggings and sports bras are built for a lifestyle that is as much for lounging at home, running errands as it is for activity. Yet, with a big difference. It is produced on demand using eco-friendly, long-lasting fabrics which encourage slower production schedules and a smaller carbon footprint with the goal of zero waste.

We are a couple from Maryland, who decided to combine our industry know-how and collective environmental conscience to, “be the change we want to see.”  We partnered with an apparel manufacturer here in the USA, for our introductory collection,which allows us to sell top quality, sustainable apparel and ship worldwide within 10 days.

The idea for Slim Goodie has been brewing for a while but we finally realized it was time to take the leap while we were sorting through our closets and donating clothes we no longer wore.  We started talking about the kind of clothing we liked to wear and it all centered around timeless and effortless style, comfort, and the ability to mix and match pieces. We wove all of that into our collection and beta testing resulted in raves for the products themselves as well as for our manufacturing practices.

Also important to us was size inclusivity. Slim Goodie’s apparel goes up to 5X to appeal to “real people.”  While the name implies a certain look, we like to think of "Slim Goodie" as more of an attitude, than a size.  It's about remembering who you are, self-care is at the core of this brand.  Everyone knows - when you look good, you feel good.  We hope you enjoy, we have so much more to come!

Yours Truly - The Russells