Fast Fashion vs Slow Fashion

If you have purchased an inexpensive, trendy article of clothing from a mass retailer in recent years, chances are you bought a fast fashion item. Fast fashion is clothing that’s mass-produced to emulate more expensive clothing, the latest style trends, or copy garments straight from the runways.

The clothing is made using cheaper materials and is sold at a fraction of the price of traditional slow fashion clothing. Fast fashion manufacturers purposely create low-quality clothing so consumers will have to replace items faster.

While this helps them generate mass profits, what’s it doing to our environment? Cheap garments are often made from inferior materials, which usually aren’t biodegradable, and can remain in-tact for over a century.

The damaging effects of fast fashion on the environment:

To produce their cheap clothing, fast fashion corporations adopt environmentally corruptive production policies that have significant consequences on our ecosystem. Water is getting the brunt of it.

Countries known for cotton production, like China and India, are already seeing major water shortages. Studies show that by 2030, these countries will be forced to choose between cotton production and clean drinking water.

Fast fashion also harms our health. To make their clothing as cheap as possible, they use toxic chemicals like lead, pesticides, insecticides, formaldehyde, and flame-retardants, which all have been linked to cancer.

When old items are thrown away, many of them end up in our oceans; these chemicals also have a vital impact on marine life. Read on to learn more about how you can make the change from fast fashion to slow fashion and help preserve the environment.

How can you help?

1. Educate yourself on the dangers of fast fashion and learn more about ethical and sustainable fashion, or slow fashion.

2. Save time, money, and the environment by purchasing higher quality clothing that will last longer.

3. Stay aware and conscious of where your clothing is coming from and who is producing it. Always be sure to spread the word to friends and family, and try encouraging those around you to make the change to only purchasing garments from eco-friendly fashion brands.

Team Slim Goodie